Want to Help?

Become A Volunteer!

This Volunteer button at the top right of this website was ready-made part of the template we are utilizing. As of Spring 2016 we have no “hands-on” Volunteering available.

Alas! You may still be able to assist us!

Consider strengthening your relationship with God and clarifying your spiritual life by becoming a Lay Oblate where you affiliate with us (or another Benedictine House in ROCOR) and you learn to emulate –not imitate– the monastic life as best you can given the life-situation you find yourself.

Live It Forward! We all should be living it forward to the very best of our abilities. Some are called to intensify their efforts by living the ascetic life as a monk/hermit or nun/hermitess. If you are 30 to 40 years old (other ages may be considered on a case by case basis) and have no family or worldly commitments then consider God may be calling you!

We at the Hermitage are preparing for Project: New Kloštar being both our Hope & Prayer for the acquisition and rehabilitation of rural property with liveable habitation for the monastic residence and out-buildings for a Chapel, workshops, etc. This is not a luxury but a necessity! At present, the Brotherhood occupy a rented suburban 2-bedroom flat. We have no priest. If one is interested in joining us there would be no room to lay his head (and the rest of him  😉 ).
To justify for ourselves to have a hieromonk amongst us we really do need 10 more lay monks in this one Hermitage. Again at present we situation stifles our potential for growth. And there is have much interest in our way of life. Hence our Project: New Klostar!  How can you help? Two major ways to help in this impossible project is by:

  • Praying daily for this intention for growth by God’s Will.
  • Give financially. One time, Monthly, Quarterly or in a Legacy Donation
  • We could always us help to get the word out. In this way God will direct our message, our need to the people who He has chosen to help us.

If being a Lay Oblate, or a monastic is not in your sights how about joining our Friends organization named