Seeking a Better World?  Seeking a Better Church?

Don’t Just Rely On The Hierarchy!

Want to Change the World? Change Yourself!
And Be an Example of Real Change…

Become A Monk!  Become A Nun!

Can’t do Monastic Life?  Become an Oblate!

 Be An Example Of The Orthodoxy You Expect From Others.

 Or if you are a monastic in an uncanonical group and wish to make your practice real on solid ground of Orthodoxy!

 Maybe you are an Orthodox Monastic wishing to share
in our Romualdian-Benedictine Life 

and to help us grow!

Our motto is “With one mind, one heart, one Life in Christ Jesus, we pray, weep and repent for all!”  Our primary ministry is to pray & repentance for the salvation of all Orthodox Christian faithful and for the conversion of all Mankind.

[  On Discerning A Vocation ]

 Click here to Contact us & begin the conversation!

 or write:

Stavropegial Orthodox Hermitage
of St. John the Divine

349 South Collingwood Avenue
Syracuse, NY 13206-4920 USA

And let us know whether you want to be
an Oblate, Monk, Nun or a Monastic Transfer.

Don’t worry! Laymen all start off in the coenobitical form of monasticism. The eremitical and anchorite life is available to the seasoned monastic after some years of experience in the community.

If you are an Orthodox Monastic who wish to live our Romualdian Benedictine Life in bi-ritual Liturgics you may be welcomed here. Contact us for a dialogue.

“Even if our hermits live in solitude, they do not live completely alone or deprived of the help MonkSymeon in Greyand comfort of fraternity, but rather unanimous in the same purpose of life, they populate together the solitude as though they were in the house of the Lord, while each one enjoys the advantages of his community.

If one fails, he is immediately supported by another; if one is oppressed by a hostile element, the latter is removed by others.

They stimulate each other for every good work, they encourage each other, and, as they mutually serve one another, they safeguard all that is necessary for salvation.

Thus moderating their form of life, they avail themselves of the advantages and the security of community life and of obedience, while excluding the various occupations and the multiple distractions of the coenobium; they enjoy the glad and fortunate tranquility of solitude without facing any of the dangers inherent in a totally solitary life”

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