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Romualdi Benedictine Values

love of Christ and neighbor;

prayer: a life marked by liturgy, lectio and mindfulness;

stability: commitment to the daily life of this place, its heritage and tradition;

martyrium:  By martyrdom we think of conversatio: the way of personal formation and transformation. This is the daily “dying to Self”, it is our own Kenosis of voluntarily ‘decrease so that Christ in us may increase‘; it is the doing for others when we have little motivation to do for ourselves; It is essentially the complete giving of ourselves for the salvation of others. Far be it that anyone will be saved because of us! Here we speak as co-workers with Christ. In this context we share in the salvific re-creation accomplished by Christ Himself. Therefore evangelium paganorum or the witnessing of The Kingdom becomes an important aspect for us since no greater Love there is to lay down one’s life for the sake of God’s Word. We are called to bring others into this process of conversatio (unceasing metanoia). And if it so occurs, there is nothing more splendid than the Baptism by Blood as means to enter the Kingdom of God.

obedience: a commitment to listening and consequent action;

discipline: a way toward learning and freedom;

humility: correct knowledge of self in relation to God, others and creation;

stewardship: responsible use of all God has given to us personally and communally;

hospitality: openness to and respect for others; and

community: call to serve the common good.

solitude: an intimate encounter with God in the seclusion of one’s “poustinia” surrounded by the otherworldliness of silence.