Our Brotherhood

the Orthodox Monastic Community of
St. Romuald the Hesychast

As of this reading, the “Community” ( ~ Brotherhood) consists of one monk-hermit & six Oblates (“monastic Lay Associates”). We have chosen this name and prefer community over brotherhood due to the ‘possibility’ for the Community (i.e., both a brotherhood & sisterhood) to develop locations of solitude & holiness for men and another for women by the example of St Romuald the Hesychast. There are no shortage of aspirants to the monastic life. Since 2015 we turned away at least five inquirers due to our lack of property & appropriate facilities. In our immediate reality, we are growing in terms of our lay associates known as Oblates.

Our Vision. To establish a monastic & retreat center someplace in rural Onondaga or Cayuga Counties (in N.Y.S.). A typical Romualdian community would have a house of monks and in some proximity to the main campus a hermitage for the hermits; both united in the same monastic Congregation.  With a sufficient gift of property we could hope to accommodate a women’s skete and a spiritual health center!  But at the moment these remain in our prayers.

Candidates to this way of monastic life must be discerned, vetted and approved by a thorough monastic and ecclesiastical process that will assure the Church, the Congregation, and the Candidate a relationship of stability, sobriety and sanctity for a lifetime.  This does not rule out the usual acceptance of a novice or monastic transfer to an already existing Hermitage.

Our Mission.  To assist in the realization of salvation of all mankind. To be a conduit to Our Lord’s Healing Grace of Love to those in need. To propagate the monastic life & oblate life within the spiritual protection of the Orthodox Church.

Our Ministries (Services). 
1. Daily Intercessory Prayer for all those who have asked us for prayer.
2. Daily Prayer for (a) all clergy & clerics of the Orthodox Church and (b) for all those who suffer from mental & spiritual disturbance, physical &/or psychological disabilities.
3. Daily Prayer for all who are not Orthodox that they shall be illumined by the Truth of God in Love & for their subsequent conversion. For the healing, growth, & salvation of all Orthodox Christians everywhere.
4. Offering God’s Healing Grace through our offer of Pastoral Counseling, Family Reconciliation, Spiritual Coaching, Small Group Systems Conflict Resolution, Teaching the Patristic Understanding of our Life-in-Christ.