These are persons who have contributed significantly to the sustainability of our Community either financially, prayerfully, materially, in services, time and/or giving counsel, virtually/digitally, or in numerous other ways
once or multiple times to the development and welfare of the Hermitage.

These souls are remembered in our prayers daily at the
Oratory (Chapel) of Our Saviour “Holy Silence”


Lawrence Zeiler, PA., USA

Leroy Possell, NY, USA (+2014)

Claudiu Pop, Sataj, Romania

Dr. Val Finnell, Ohio., USA

Rev’d. Presbyter John Malcom, NY, USA

Rev’d. Presbyter Photios Cooper, CA., USA

Rev’d. Presbyter Dr. John Mark McMonagle, NY, USA

Rev’d. Deacon Finbarr Brandt-Sorheim, NY, USA

Brother Angelos Stanway, NY, USA

John Shane Sidebottom, MI., USA

Rev’d. Mother Elisabeth &
The Nuns of St. Elisabeth Skete, NY, USA

Vladimir Vasiliev, Ontario Canada

Rev’d. Prior Theodore Phillips, CO, USA

H. G. Bishop Hieronymus, retired, NY, USA

Rev’d. Fr. Mark Rowe, Fl., USA

Joseph Brown CA, USA

Lincoln Patrick Hammond

Rev’d. Presbyter Sam Rake WV, USA

Shayne Hill-Zeck

Kevin Lanergan, KS, USA

Rev’d. Hieromonk Ezekiel (Gerald Vieages) LA, USA

Rev’d. Presbyter Lev Smyth Ia, USA

Rev’d. Presbyter Richard Stoecker NJ, USA

Corey Weiss

Theodore Papadopoulos

Mrs. Grace Madden

and all our Oblates