Hermitage Orthodox Press
an imprint of Novi Kloštar Hermitage

Hermitage Orthodox Press Enterprise (H.O.P.E.) is a ministry of Novi Kloštar Hermitage of St John the Divine, we offer our Romualdian Congregants and interested others of all ages a chance to widen and deepen their Orthodox Christian Faith with publications in such areas as prayer, devotional practices, monastic insights, patristic wisdom, patristic philosophy & psychology.

In preparation:

Synaxi od Tijelom: Novi Kloštar Use – The Divine Liturgy of St Gregory the Great Pontiff of Old Rome According to the Use of Novi Kloštar of the Orthodox Congregation of Saint Benedict of Nursia in the Romualdi Tradition at the Sacred Hermitage of St John the Divine and her Mетох.

This is the Ordinary of the Mass from the pre-Schism and pre-Sarum Orthodox period in Old England. Anticipated publication date: September 2017

Encheirídon for Benedictine Oblates in the Orthodox Church this publication will serve the prayer needs of Benedictine Oblates within the Orthodox Church as they aim to emulate the monastic life in their situation. Anticipated publication date: December 2017

Akathist to Our Savior ‘The Incorruptible King’ — a booklet of the akathist hymn to Christ The Incorruptible King will be available exclusively for those who become members of the Orthodox Fellowship of Our Savior ‘The Incorruptible King’  Anticipated publication date: pending