Let Us Pray

Let Us Pray for You!


  Our motto is 
“With one mind, one heart, one Life in Christ Jesus, we pray, weep and repent for all!”  
  Our primary ministry is to
pray for the salvation of all Orthodox Christian faithful and for the conversion of all Mankind.

Please keep us busy. Let us know your wish for us to pray for you or someone you care for.  There are two methods of informing us of your prayer intentions.

You may submit your request in the form below and it will forwarded to us by secured email. Or you may use your e-mail app by clicking here and sending your names and requests that way. And if you are so inclined please come back to give a donation (below) for your prayer requests.

You do not need a Paypal account nor do you need to get one in order to give to us. Any Bank Card (Debit or Credit) will do. Thank You so much!


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