Friends’ Society


What does “like” really mean when you select it on Facebook? How much must you like something in order to do more on behalf of that person or cause than just “like” them on Facebook. There was once an old Babushka fumbling through her Facebook account. What caught her attention was a struggling skete that asked for nothing but prayers. Still it was clear to her these monastics were in dire need. Yet she herself was not a woman of means. She opened her purse and saw she had only 137 Rubles (that’s only about $2.00). She thought for a moment what her daughter might say. Then she threw up her hands and sent the last bit of money she had to the monks; with a prayer. (cf., Luke 21:1-4)


Why is that woman a Benefactor of the fledgling skete she had contributed to?  She will be benefiting from the grace rewarded her –though never sought after– as well as the prayers of the monks on her behalf.  Why is she not a Patron?  According to the dictionary these words are interchangeable. However in 21st century parlance, a Patron is typically one who pays large sums of money for the recognition of supporting a cause or organization. Patrons get rooms or buildings named after them before they die.

If you would prefer to do more than just “like” us on Facebook, please consider becoming a Benefactor by becoming a member of our Friends Society of Ss. Cyril & Methodius.

   Friends Society of Ss. Cyril & Methodius
Prijatelji društvo Sv. Ćirila i Metoda

Ss Methodius & Cyril

Unable to join us as a monastic? Not interested in a life in Oblation? Maybe you are not Orthodox Christian? No matter your situation; you still would like to benefit from the charism and prayers of the Hermitage while supporting the Hermitage in its maintenance,  its ministries, and its growth and expansion? Then join the Ss Cyril & Methodius Friends Society.

Decide on your level of Love Gift and Sign up today!

Donors are welcome to give one time offerings to the Hermitage Fund (on the right of this page).

Friends Society members are only those who give at an ongoing basis.

We anticipate the Friends Society to be fully functional and ready to receive members in July 2016. In the meantime please use The Hermitage Fund to give your immediate donations!