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Orthodox Christian
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OCCS offering
Pastoral Counseling,
Coaching, & Conciliation Services

OCCS Emerge! Pastoral Institute 

Since 2000, Novi Kloštar Hermitage of St John the Divine has provided persons touched by life’s shadows & fog, crises & injustices with all the tools, wisdom, and resources they need to emerge out of the past into New Life.

Our OCCS Emerge! Pastoral Institute was established with an aim to offer Orthodox Christians –and anyone else in need –the chance to give back to the community. Each of our ministries offer the tools that lead to personal freedom & authenticity that lends itself to a fully functioning life.

On Being Adopted! Consultancy

a service of OCCS Emerge! Pastoral Institute

Empowering Adult Adoptees, Supporting Families, 
and Educating Professionals

The Hermitage’s OCCS Emerge! Pastoral Institute offers services to:

–Adult Adoptees.

–Families touched by Adoption.

–University & Colleges preparing professionals who will serve at least one party of the Adoption Triad.

–Professionals giving services to any or all in the Adoption Triad.

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