The Mission of the
Novi Kloštar Hermitage of St John the Divine

Our Vision

For God’s Love to prevail everywhere,
in the hearts of all mankind.

This shall result in the salvation of each and every soul. We know that each individual person has a will to close himself off from, or be open to, Divine Love. But it is God who knows what is in each of their hearts. Each heart lives in its own complicated existence. The Romualdian Fathers are co-laborers with Christ in His re-Creation: as all Orthodox Christians ought to be.  The most powerful weapon we have is Faith, Prayer, Repentance, Asceticism and Solitude.

Our Primary Apostolate

The primary work of our Hermitage, therefore, is Prayer and Repentance; not only for the hermits themselves but also on behalf of the faithful Orthodox and all Mankind out of the same sense of Divine Love the Apostle John taught us in his Gospel and Pastoral Letters and demonstrated for us by our holy exemplars: St Benedict of Nursia, St Romuald the Hesychast, St. Neilos of Calabria, St Antonio the Roman in Novgorod, St Silouan the Athonite,  Elder Thaddeus of Vitovnica and so many others amongst the saints.  Hence the Hermitage’s motto:

“With One Mind, One Heart,
One Life-in-Christ,

we pray, weep and repent for all!

Our Vision for Tomorrow

Our initial location in Central New York State is also known as “Novi Kloštar Monastic House”; a rented flat of a two-family house.  Because of our present facilities are unsuitable for growth for new vocations & for pilgrims to visit, we are praying for God’s intervention. Would you like to be God’s Instrument in helping us obtain a rural location (property with livable housing and out buildings for Chapel, workshop & guesthouse)? Then we will be in a better position to accept those who are discerning a vocation in our Congregation. You may contact our Father Superior initially via e-mail.

We desperately need a new location for Orthodox men who would also follow the Romualdian Way. Since 2014 we had to turn away at least 4 aspirants to monastic life  Of course such a development does not exclude a women’s hermitage. If there are any who also wish a life of prayer and silence potentially they too are welcome to this particular way of Benedictine life.

Our Current Labors of Love

Monastic labor is not the kind of work that is merely to sustain the body with exercise, food and drink.  It is rather a Labor of Love.  Everything that a monastic community does is engaged in this manner as a Labor of Love.

We have much love (i.e., our service) to give and as our community grows more people in the world will be touched in some way by our Love which is Our Love for God and through God it is a love for all mankind.

At the present time. . .

Prayer Requests

Herein our readers and followers may submit their requests for prayer.  Prayer and intercession is the main work of this Hermitage.  We, therefore, encourage all that visit us here to let us know what and for whom we may pray for. Submit your  Request for Prayer here. 

St John’s Orthodox Devotional Supplies 

is our humble shop where we make available for purchase Hermitage quality craftsmanship. Our initial offering are a variety of prayer ropes, chokti bracelets, neck crosses, quality publications. Our inventory will be very limited so our supporters will need to keep visiting or sign up for the newsletter. As of August 2017 the St John’s Supplies has not yet opened for business, as you can see. But we look forward to your patronage in due time as God Wills!

Hermitage Orthodox Press Enterprise

The official publishing/media arm of the Hermitage. Under the auspices of Hermitage Orthodox Press Enterprise Communications includes all of our hardcopy publications & our internet presence (as in this website, our Oblates’ website as well as our presence on Facebook).  By 2018 we hope to have published a breviary for Lay Oblates and/or a collection of our Divine Services.  There is much to do and so many things to publish for the evangelization of the world & the upbuilding of the faithful.

 Orthodox Christian Conciliation Services (OCCS)

Orthodox Christian Conciliation Services (OCCS)Under the OCCS umbrella, The Hermitage offers:

Emerge! Pastoral Institute
direct assistance in the form of life coaching, pastoral counseling, or Synérgeia Therapeíatm [(Συνέργεια θεραπεία) Synergetic Therapy is our synthesis of Patristic Psychology & Personalist/Existential Psychology] and spiritual direction. Mediation to Families, Couple, small Monastic Houses and Parishes. Cost? Individuals and couple offer a donation based on their income. Corporate clients are charged for transportation, food, shelter & services rendered. See our Emerge! website here


The Psychonöetic Analysistm (PNAtm) Institute  (Ψυχονöεράς Aνάλυση):
Under the auspices of The Hermitage’s OCCS, The PNA Institute is the research arm for the study and development of Patristic Anthropology, Philosophy, “Orthodox Psychology” and Existential Psychology and Philosophy into a singular approach to Human Well Being. 

Our current media offers:

Study of Patristic Psychology: A Resource.

In line with our interest in Pastoral Care and over all Well Being of the faithful falls our interest in what we call “Patristic Psychology“.  Study of Patristic Psychology Resource Group – formerly The St Gregory of Nyssa Orthodox Fellowship for the Study of Patristic Psychology (comprising of Theologians, Mental Health Professionals & Interested Orthodox Christians for the Serious Study of Patristic (Orthodox) Psychology & its Pastoral Therapeutic Methods).

It is tragically unfortunate that we are unable to get the commitment of these professionals in order to create an Orthodox Fellowship that would address the interplay and application of Patristic Theology in the arena of Psychology.  Therefore, this group is NOW (since 3 Aug 2015) simply a resource depository for the Study of Patristic Psychology, Anthropology & Philosophy.

Adult Adoptees in Orthodox Christian Homes
A support group for

(1.) Adult Adoptees who were adopted by Orthodox Christians, 
(2.) whose Family-of-Origin (if known) were Orthodox Christians.
(3.) Adoptees who have converted to Orthodox Christianity. Church Jurisdictions not withstanding. Members must conduct themselves as they wish others to treat them.

This is a support group Please Be Supportive of each other.  As a Facebook group its security setting is “private” meaning only members can find the group and see posts; it is invisible to non-members.

More. . .
The Hermitage has many other Facebook Pages & Groups we have either created or recovered and continue to sponsor and maintain. See here our list with links to each.

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On Being Adopted: an Adoptee’s Recovery Support Group
With therapist Mr. Robert Allan Hafetz, M.S., M.F.T. Father Symeon facilitates another Adoptee Support Group on Facebook that exists in the Facebook security “private status” in order to maintain confidentiality. What this status means to non-members is that the group is invisible and not searchable. This is a non-Orthodox having a wide audience across the faith community-spectrum. One must contact either facilitators or a known member in order to join.

The Hermitage also offers:

50-euro-orden-und-die-welt-2002Oblates of St.Benedict of Nursia (ROCOR, et al.)
Oblates of St Benedict (ROCOR) Facebook Group – Open to all Orthodox Christians of ROCOR who are or wish to be an Oblate. There are Benedictine Oblates that may belong to an Eastern Rite Orthodox parish. There are Oblates attached to ROCOR monasteries or hermitages but belong to the OCA or other jurisdiction. There are also Oblates in the Western Rite of other Orthodox jurisdictions. This group is for them only.

We hope to post various items on Benedictine and Romualdian Spirituality within the Orthodox Church for the edification of these Oblates.  Guests Benedictines from other jurisdictions are welcomed to read along.

What are Oblates, you ask?  Read here.

“The OrthodoxWest”  Experiences & Contributions.

In 1999 under a different venue, Stavrophoremonk Father Symeon “Najmanje” started a discussion group entitled, “The OrthodoxWest”. Here it is our hope to resurrect an environment which shall maintain discussions that are lively, provocative and informative.

What is The OrthodoxWest about? We shall adhere strictly to this criteria: What can Orthodoxy contribute to American & Western Culture and Intellectual Life in all areas of Western Civilization. Also what has been and continues to be the Orthodox Experience in the West? PLEASE NO posts from News Sites without your own commentary.

Friends & Supporters.Stavropegial Orthodox Hermitage

 of St John Divine.
A forum for Friends & Supports to ask questions about the Hermitage, Romualdian & Benedictine Life, discuss Western Orthodox Monasticism and to actively show support for the Hermitage.  In the future this will be the virtual gathering place for members of The Lumen Christi Orthodox Fellowship.  The purpose of Lumen Christi will be to build up both financial and human support for the survival of the Hermitage, for its expansion and for the propagation of eremitic life based upon Benedictine Spirituality within the Orthodox Church. Lumen Christi is under development.

FACEBOOK:  St John Divine Orthodox Hermitage + Camaldoli Monastic House,  Syracuse NY
A place for posting odds and interesting ends of information relative to Western Orthodoxy, This Hermitage and the ministry of the Russian Orthodox Church outside Russia.

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