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Dear in Christ,

As you read through this website you might get the impression that St John’s Hermitage is a fully functioning monastery. While that is not so, it has been the intention since its founding in 1999 and we have not given up! At present our major road block is our need for land & buildings with no money or credit for such a purchase and without any patrons or benefactors to come to our assistance.

We need your sincere prayers for the assistance we need: funding for property. We need the benefactors in this regards. I am convinced in heart that an eremitic Western Orthodox monastery must exist in New York State. I know there is interest out there. If we had the proper facilities God will bless us with the monks to fill it. We have the spiritual capacity, we just need the material capacity to make it happen.

You may ask “why has it taken us so long and still no growth?”. This was due to our spiritual dependency upon our former jurisdiction following its example we were seclusive & when people did know about us they rightly were leery because were in-relations with the “Milan Synod”.  But on 14th December 2014 St John’s Hermitage was received into the Russian Orthodox Church outside Russia personally by His Eminence Metropolitan +HILARION. And now, still without resources, we make a new start.

In Christ,
Father Symeon Najmanje
The Stavrophoremonk Father Symeon Najmanje, OCSB-R

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